Lightweight Platform

Rapid Database Health Check

SQLTop* simplify SQL Server/Oracle Database health check and review workload on your system right away using lightweight architecture and methodology, no matter how big your environment gets, excellent tools for SQL Server and Oracle Experts to evaluate performance for database environments.

Just one screen

Simple and Effective

OS Infrastructure and SQLServer/Oracle RAC/Standalone can be reviewed in just one screen to give you a view of your environment’s overall performance. This view shows you how OS & SQL Server/Oracle are working and identify bottleneck, allowing you to instantly pinpoint the root cause of an issue.

Rapid Analysis

Fast Diagnostic Database Performance

Helps you when issues are reported to review rapid and on real-time how SQL Server/Oracle is working reviewing waits stats, server resources, performance counters and active sessions. Oracle RAC analysis performed by Instance, easy to identify how workload is distributed across entire cluster.

SQLTop for SQL Server

Support for SQLServer 2005, 2008, 2012, and 2014.

+ .NET Framework 3.5,4 or later.
+ No Software Installation needed.
+ Only View Server State permissions needed.


SQLTop for Oracle

Support for Oracle 11g,12c. RAC & Standalone

+ .NET Framework 3.5,4 or later.
+ OLEDB Drivers for Oracle
+ No Software Installation needed.
+ Only Select Dictionary View Needed


StressOra - Oracle Stress Tool

Support for Oracle 11g,12c. RAC & Standalone

+ Free Tool
+ .NET Framework 4 or later.
+ OLEDB Drivers for Oracle
+ No Software Installation needed.


Cheaper monitoring tool than common options in the market, you will pay only servers needed and request more license on demand. We can make a flexible license plan according your needs. No Oracle Diagnostic Pack needed.

Simple GUI design, show main components and performance information.

GUI Optimized to start performance analysis on lightweight mode to avoid cause any overhead. Favorite tool for Experts to evaluate performance.

Application design to focus main components to evaluate database performance



Helping you to execute complex or critical Database Projects as Upgrades, Migrations, Assessments for Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server Platforms.

Services designed for any business who wants access to expert database resources without needing someone at the office on a full time basis, offering different types of services to manage company requirements.


Helping you to train and increase your database skills for your company. Design Training Courses focus on your Database Platform and requirements.


+ Oracle Database Platform 10g, 11g, 12c
+ Microsoft SQL Server 2005, 2008, 2012, 2014, 2016
+ Oracle Cloud Control 12c, 13c
+ Open Source Monitoring & Database Systems


Select License Package

Low cost performance tool than common tools in the marked. Buy only licenses needed and add more on demand so easy.


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